About Spectrum Skylights

Are Spectrum Skylights thermally broken?

Due to the fact our skylights are fully welded to increase their strength and durability they do not feature a traditional thermal break (a polyamide plastic segment which divides the inner and outer frames).

However they do feature a large high performance thermal barrier between the external frame and the inside of your property. This effectively prevents thermal bridging between the inside and out but provides an incredibly strong and durable skylight.

Alongside this, the limited plastic content of our product enables easier recycling at the end of the skylights life as well as a lower demand for oil based products reducing our environmental impact.

Do you have technical drawings of your skylights?

These can be found within our ‘downloads’ section.

Do you supply self-cleaning glass?

‘Self-cleaning’ glass is a bit of a myth as all glass will require intermittent maintenance. However we do offer a low maintenance coating on all of our skylights which can drastically extend the intervals which your glass will require cleaning.

Do you supply toughened safety glass?

All of our skylights are fitted with toughened safety glass as standard.
Our security range also features a laminated inner pane for additional security and safety.

How large can a skylight be without framework?

Unfortunately at present we do not supply frameless skylights.
However we do offer our flat skylights in sizes up to 3m x 1.25m with no visible frame work when viewed from the inside of the property.

How much will my skylight weigh?

This will vary depending on the size; however a weight is quoted on the page for all stock size skylights and is generated dependant on size on our bespoke quote generator.

If you are in doubt, please contact a member of our sales team.

What colours can I choose for the paintwork?

Our skylights are offered in 3 standard colours, RAL 7016 – Anthracite grey, RAL 9016 – Traffic White and RAL 9005 – Jet Black.

Generally our Pyramid Skylights are coated RAL 7016 Externally and RAL 9016 Internally to provide a clean unobtrosive internal view.

However, we are able to produce skylights in almost any standard RAL colour upon request but please note alternative colours will have an increased lead time on standard products. Please contact a member of our sales team for additional information.

What is the largest size skylight that you can supply?

Our largest standard Flat Glazed Skylight is 3m x 1.25m, however we do offer a modular system which can be extended.

Our largest Pyramid Skylight is 3m x 2m, one of the largest available on the market.

Price Ordering and Delivery

Can I collect from you?

Absolutely, our production facilities are based in Brandon Suffolk.

Please call ahead to arrange your collection so that we can have this prepared for you when you arrive.
If you are having a third party collect this on your behalf, please ensure you inform a member of our sales team prior to collection to ensure that your product will be released.

Can I come to your factory to see the skylights?

Of course you can, if you would like to visit our offices in Brandon Suffolk please contact a member of our sales team to arrange a suitable time.
Alternatively, we have a strong presence at building and renovation exhibitions across the country. If you would like to visit us at an exhibition please contact our sales team to arrange a meeting, we may even be able to provide free tickets to the event!

Do you offer a warranty on Spectrum Skylights?

We offer a 10 year warranty on a skylight installed by our installation team or one of our partners.

If you opt to install the skylights yourself we offer a 5 year warranty on the product.

For full details of our warranty please visit our ‘warranty’ section.

How do I get a price?

Prices for our skylights are available via our products page.
Simply select the product you wish to obtain a price for and specify your sizes.
If you have any questions please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist.

How do I place an order?

Once you are happy with your specification and the price, you can simply contact our offices to place your order.
We are currently in the process of constructing our online store which will be active in the near future.

How quick can I get delivery?

Our stock sized skylights are available on a next day delivery if ordered before 12p.m. (provided the size you have specified is available in our stock). Bespoke sized skylights are generally available in 4 weeks, however this will vary dependant on demand, please discuss this with our sales team for confirmation at the time of order.

How will my skylight be packaged?

Your skylight framing will be protected with specialist protection tape to prevent scratches, while your glass will be protected with an expanded polystyrene sheet. The whole unit is then wrapped in air pocket packaging or plywood cladding.

What are your payment terms?

We request 100% payment at the point of order.
If you are ordering a large quantity of our skylights, please contact a member of our sales team to discuss alternative payment terms.

Preparing for your Spectrum Skylight and Installation

Are the roof pitches for the Flat Glazed & Pyramid Skylights fixed?

Our Flat Glazed Skylights can be installed on roofs with a pitch from 0 degrees through to roof with pitches up to 45 degrees. However, on roofs with a pitch of less than 5 degrees the upstand must provide a 5 degree fall.

Our Pyramid Skylights can be installed on a level upstand.

Please see our ‘upstand construction manual’ for more detailed information.

Can a Spectrum Skylight be fitted to any roof?


On all roofs there will need to be an upstand constructed which is a minimum of 150mm above the roof finishes.

On flat roof installations your upstand for Flat Glazed Skylights must provide a minimum of 5 degrees pitch to allow for water run off.

The only other limitation is that the pitch of the skylight cannot be greater than 45 degrees.

Please see our ‘upstand construction manuals‘ for additional information.

Can I use my own upstand?

Of course you can!

However please ensure it matches our specifications which can be found in our ‘upstand construction manual’.
If you do not construction in line with this you may suffer with ponding on your glass. Worse still, it may not fit your upstand.

Can you do a site survey?

A site survey is available at an additional cost however this may increase the lead time for your skylight as we will have to schedule in the survey before we are able to begin production.

Do I need planning permission to install a skylight?

Generally you do not require planning permission to install a skylight into an existing building; however we recommend checking with your local planning department prior to starting any works.

Do you install the skylights?

We do offer an installation service at an additional cost; however the skylights are incredibly simple to install and come with a comprehensive installation manual.
If you attempt to install the skylight yourself and do find yourself stuck, simply contact our sales team who will be more than happy to talk you through the install.

Do you supply upstands?

Upstands can be supplied at an additional cost. This does however guarantee a perfect fit!

How high does the upstand need to be from the surface?

The minimum height of upstand is 150mm from the weathered surface of the roof.
Please refer to our ‘upstand construction manual’ for additional information.

What measurements do I take?

Please download our ‘measuring guide’ for each product you require from our ‘Downloads’ Section to ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.



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